Won Jeong

Who is Won Jeong? Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Parents


Won Jeong, a Tick celebrity, is becoming quite popular on social media. Won Jeong’s singing and lip sync videos are making him viral. Won Jeong has millions of fans around the globe. Many fans are interested in Won Jeong’s Personality, Career and Relationship Status.


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Who is Won Jeong

Won Jeong
Full Name
Seo Won Jeong
The mid 20’s
5 feet 7 inches tall

Won Jeong, also known as Seo Won Jeong, is a South Korean Tiktoker Star and social media influencer. Won Jeong is well-known for being a “Mamma man” on TikTok and becoming viral via social media for his lipsyncs and action videos. He has close to 20.4 million followers on the Won Jeong Tiktok platform with 500.4 million likes. Won Jeong became famous after one of his Tiktok videos was viral. Won Jeong is known for his humorous and interactive video. Won Jeong is ranked No 3 in the United States and No 111 globally.


Won Jeong has 404K Instagram followers and 75 posts. Won Jeong shared a photo on Instagram celebrating 10 million Tiktok followers. The caption read “Fortunately, thanks for the love and interest of many people, it has been a short time since I reached 10 million followers.” I want to thank everyone who congratulated and wished me well. It’s hard for me to express my gratitude. I will do my best to present you a positive image in the future. We are grateful. Won Jeong was also an acoustic soldier with the Naval Headquarters Military Band, and Won Jeong is also Dog Walker.

Won Jeong posted a photo on Instagram on January 11, 2019 captioning it “It was one of the most memorable experiences and lucks in my life to be an acoustic soldier with the Naval Headquarters Military Band.” I will always be grateful for the opportunities to grow and learn. Each moment was important and it is a process everyone goes through. But I will take this chance to move forward. “Thank you to everyone who has passed me by.”

Won Jeong also has a Youtube channel called “ox_zung oficial / away man”. The channel is subscribed to by around 62.9K people and was launched on July 16, 2019. First of all, thank-you for visiting my channel if you are on this page. This is the official account of “Mama man” from Tik Tok – SEO WONG JEONG. Keep watching to see more of me, and don’t miss my reaction videos.

What is Won Jeong’s age?

Won Jeong, who is now in his mid-’20s, was born in South Korea on Nov 20th. His full legal name is Seo Won Jeong. We don’t know much about Won Jeong’s siblings and parents. We will keep you informed.

Who is Won Jeong’s Girlfriend?

Won Jeong

Won Jeong has not revealed any information about his love life. We will keep you informed if we have any further information.

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