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LaTanya Young, aka La Tanya Danielle Young, is Dr. Dre’s eldest child. She claimed that she was homeless and lives in her SUV rental. Despite begging her father for help, who is worth $820 million, but she hasn’t received any assistance for the last 18 months. After being critical of her father during an interview, she has not received any assistance. She is single mother of four children. Many users responded to the news. One user said, “If Dre had provided for LaTanya Young as a father of his wealth & standing from birth, I guarantee that Young wouldn’t be homeless right now.” Because she would be able to access all the social safety networks that wealthy children have. Another user stated, “This is where all can agree.” He doesn’t have to worry whether he can get her daycare and a job. Baby steps. She likely grew up quickly, and she needs guidance. I couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone needs direction. Another person suggested that Dr. Dore should help LaTanya Young, a homeless girl who lives in a car stow.


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Who is LaTanya, and what are their responsibilities? Know About LaTanya Young Biography & Wikipedia

LaTanya Young
38 years old
5 feet 10 Inches tall
Dr. Dre
Lisa Johnson
Net Worth
$200K USD

LaTanya Young


LaTanya, the elder child of Dr. Dre, is an American rapper. She is currently employed as a driver with DoorDash or Uber Eats. She stated that she hasn’t received any money from her millionaire father in the past year and a quarter, and that it’s been 1.5 years since she last saw him. She spoke out in an exclusive interview to say that she’s been working in a warehouse and doing Uber Eats and DoorDash. My children live with friends and are not driving the car. To make it happen, I’m taking on odd jobs – I was paid $15 per hour to be an assembler at the warehouse. I try to keep my head up above the water. Another added, “I’ve been indebted for some time.” “The car costs a lot. It is an SUV that costs $2,300 per Week for three weeks. I only paid for one week. They will soon drive the car.” He said that they would soon be driving the car. He said, “The wage in California was higher, but Nevada had no jobs. There was too much work. Although there are many people who can help me, I prefer to live in my car the majority of the time. To make more money, she left Nevada with her kids.

She also revealed that Dr. Dre had asked her attorney for assistance. Dre refused to give her money, as Dre had criticized her father in past. She explained that she was homeless, and had tried to get help from her dad. His lawyer stated that my father does not want me to seek help since I have spoken about him in the media. I feel like I’m being condemned if he does it, and damned if not. I’m trying to get in touch with him to find out if he would be willing to talk to his grandkids. My children know their identity well enough. They were shocked to hear that he would not have anything to share with them. He said that it was like pulling his teeth to check if he was alright in the hospital. Also stated, “People call me a millionaire’s child so they don’t understand why I work.” It makes it tempting to crawl under rocks. He used to pay our rent, and gave us an allowance. But he stated that he would no more. I am homeless. I tried to reach him for help, but he did not respond. I’m hearing about mistresses that he bought houses for. It’s a mess. Nicole got the gift my mom deserves. I sent him a proposal, asking him to purchase a house for me, our children, and my sister. He was supposed to pay our college tuition, and provide insurance for us. However, he never did. My mom felt that he wasn’t true to his word. Nicole is a credit to me. She did what she had span>

What is LaTanya Young’s age?

LaTanya Young

LaTanya Young (aka La Tanya Danielle Young) was born in 1983 in the USA. She is now 38. She is a celebrity child, born to Dr. Dre (Father), a well known American rapper, and Lisa Johnson (Mother). Marcel Young is her brother, while Curtis Young is her sister.

Who is LaTanya Young Husband?

LaTanya Young is a married mother to four children. She is the sole parent for Tatiyana (16 year), Rhiana (13) and D’Andre (8 years). Jason III (3.0). We don’t know much about her husband. We’ll keep you updated.

What is LaTanya Young’s net worth?

LaTanya Young is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $200K USD


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