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EliteNoel is an artist, singer, rapper and songwriter. She is Keyshia Cole’s sibling. Elite Noel was Keyshia Cole’s younger sibling and announced that Frankie Lons, her biological mother, had passed away on Sunday, July 18, 2021. It was her 61st party, and she had overdosed on drugs. According to reports, her mom was a recovering addict who had relapsed multiple times along her journey to sobriety. Sam, Keyshia’s older brother, said Frankie loved her children and wanted them together. Elite shared on her Instagram Story: “Worst Pain ….. To have my mama wrapped in a bag for her birthday!” My heart was broken. Soon, fans and followers took to Twitter to pray for Francine. One user stated, “Prayers For Frankie Yo. She was positive at the end. I pray that her family is at peace. Elite and Keyshia keep your heads up, love,” another said. Keyshia Cole is really hurting. As if they were in good health. Prayers for Keyshia and Neffie. Another user added: “Prayers to Frankie Yo. She was an amazing spirit at the end. I pray that her family is at peace. Please keep your heads up Keyshia, Elite and all other Elites.


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What are the responsibilities of Elite Noel?

Elite Noel
July 12, 1985
Age 36
California, USA
Net Worth
500K to 1,000,000 US Dollars
Francine Lons
Keyshia Cole, Neffeteria Pug
5 feet 6 Inches tall

Elite Noel

Elite Noel can be described as a singer, songwriter, or musician. Keyshia Cole is her sister. Klub Kosmetics is the cosmetic brand she founded. She also started the #FuturisticSoul website, which features photos and posts about music events as much as social issues. Keyshia Cole: All In featured them. Her single BAE was released in 2017. In 2017, she also released her other singles, Count up (streaming via iTunes) and Survive. Her Youtube channel has 449 subscribers and was launched July 18, 2017. While she was writing this article her Instagram account boasted 85.6K subscribers and 8441 postings.

How old was Elite Noel

Elite Noel, 36, was born in California on 12 July 1985. Francine Lons is her mother and Neffeteria Pug are her parents. Keyshia Cole is her sister and Neffeteria Pug her mother. On December 5, 2020 she shared a photograph with Ellis Randolph. It was captioned “Vic…you made my day so difficult today, it’s hard for me get down, u must always be near to you to make me cry!” Even though I was raised by an incredible man (my adopted dad), u didn’t hesitate to call my daughter. Man O.G. Man O.G. We continued to work in the mud.

Who is Elite Noel Boyfriend?

Elite Noel

Elite Noel kept their relationship private. We will keep our customers informed about any changes. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we receive additional information.

What is Elite Noel’s Net Worth? How does it compare to other companies?

Elite Noel is estimated to have a net worth of $500K-1 million USD

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