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Vishal Garg Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Career, Bio


Vishal Garg, an Indian-American businessman and media personality, is the founder and CEO of, with a net worth in excess of $4 billion. Vishal Garg is also the founder of 1/10 Capital. He also founded MyRichUncle, which provides loans for students. Vishal was sued after MyRichUncle went under., his company, has provided loans to thousands of people for housing. He was born in New York in 1978.

After he fired more than 900 employees in a zoom call, he has been making headlines. The same employee recorded it and posted it, which made him trend on Google. In this post, we will tell you all about Vishal Garg. His net worth, earnings, salary and other businesses. You should be asking yourself how much he earns, considering his lavish lifestyle. This post will answer all of your questions. Let’s look at his net worth.

Vishal Garg Net Value

Full Name: Vishal Garg
Net worth: $4 Billion
Age: 48
Country: United States
Born: 1978
Salary: $100,000,000
Last Updated: 2022

Vishal Garg Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022 $4 Billion
2021 Net Worth $3.9 Billion
2020 Net Worth $3.5 Billion
In 2019, net worth $3.2 Billion
2018 Net Worth $3 Billion

Early Life

Vishal Garg

Vishal Garg was born 1978 in New York, USA. It is not yet known when he was born. He is Indian-American. His parents were Indian immigrants who came to America in search of better living conditions. He attended Stuyvesant High school in Manhattan, USA. Then he went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in International Finance at New York University. Vishal had a strong interest in money and business from his earliest days. We don’t have any details about his siblings.


Vishal Garg began making money while he was still in school. To make some extra money while studying in Manhattan, he used to resell old books and study guides. To make some extra cash, he also thrifted clothes and sold them at a profit. After graduating college, he worked for several finance companies until he started his own venture.

He founded MyRichUncle in 2000 with one of his classmates. It was a mortgage investment firm. Vishal was sued after MyRichUncle’s parent company went bankrupt. He also started, a mortgage company in 2014. He also founded 1/10 Capital, a venture capital firm.

Properties and Assets

Vishal Garg currently resides in New York. His house is estimated to cost $5 million. Other details are not available. He also owns several properties, whose details he has not yet disclosed. Neither have other sources legitimately disclosed the information. He keeps his details secret from the public.

Income Sources

Vishal Garg is able to make multiple streams of income. Vishal Garg makes his money primarily through This company has been able generate billions in annual sales and businesses. Vishal also co-founded other companies like 1/10 capital or MyRichUncle. Vishal also invests in stock markets and makes enough money. It is unknown what his monthly income was. Sources say that he made millions each month to be able have a net worth $4 billion.


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More about

Net Worth $4 Billion
Name Vishal Garg
Age 48
Height (1.8 m)
Weight 80KG (Approx)
Profession Businessman
Date of Birth 1978
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
Income $100,000,000 (Annual)
Spouse Sarita Jim

Personal life

Vishal Garg

Vishal Garg is Hindu. His parents are Indian. Sarita James was his wife. She was a former president of Embark. His wife is a Christian. It is not known how they met. The couple have not shared any information about their children. He is careful to keep his private life secret from the media. It is not reported that he has hobbies or interests.

Wealth Dependency

Vishal Garg is estimated to have a net worth of $4Billion. Vishal Garg’s primary wealth factor is 1/10 capital and Additionally, he invests in other multinational companies that also provide him with wealth through the dividends from his shares. His wealth is also believed to be derived from his investments in real estate properties throughout New York.


Vishal Garg’s networth is approximately $4 billion as of 2022. He is an Indian-American billionaire and entrepreneur. His annual income is $100 million. Vishal is also the founder and CEO of, and 1/10 Capital. Vishal also founded MyRichUncle and other countries.

Vishal was in the news after his zoom call video went viral showing him fifing more than 900 employees. Vishal immediately apologized for his inconsiderate behavior and showed respect for his employees. He lives with his family in New York and owns a large mansion.

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