Tony Dow, the star of ‘Leave It to Beaver”, is still alive but was mistakenly declared dead


According to TMZ, Tony Dow, star of “Leave It to Beaver”, died prematurely on Tuesday. His wife, Lauren Shulkind, mistakenly notified his management team.

According to Dow’s manager, Shulkind, a 75-year-old widow, was “very distraught” about her husband’s condition. He is currently in hospice care and believes he has been declared dead.

The actor Wally Cleaver is still alive, however.

On Tuesday, Dow’s Facebook page published an announcement from his management team announcing his death.

Renee James and Frank Bilotta wrote the following statement: “It is with an extremely heavy heart that we share this morning with you the passing of our beloved Tony.”

“Tony was a wonderful soul. He was kind, compassionate and funny, as well as humble. His presence was a blessing. You could immediately feel his gentle voice and unpretentiousness and fall in love with him. We are all the better for the beautiful human being he left behind, even though the world has lost him.


Shuklind and Dow (77) announced that the “Still the Beaver” star had been diagnosed with cancer in May but didn’t reveal the type.

Dow’s management shared an update on their client’s health in a July 20 Facebook post. The actor’s health has been “a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.”

The statement stated that Tony was in and out of the hospital with various complications.

He and Lauren have tried to keep a positive outlook, even though it is sometimes difficult. We are grateful for the outpouring of everyone’s love, concern and support. When there are more details, we will be back. Keep the positive thoughts coming until then.

Dow’s team has not made any statements on the Facebook page regarding the death announcement mixup.

Fans on social media responded to the conflicting information by sharing several tributes.

One tweeter said, “The question about whether or not Tony Dow is dead was not on the 2022 Bingo card.”

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