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Technical Guruji Net Worth 2022: Income, Cars, business, Salary, brands


As of 2021, Gaurav Chaudhary, also known as Technical Guruji, has a net worth in excess of $50 million. Technical Guruji is Gaurav Chaudhary’s professional name. He is an Indian technology YouTuber and entrepreneur who lives in Dubai (UAE). His YouTube channel has 19 million subscribers. In addition to this, Gaurav Chaudhary’s personal vlog has 4 million subscribers.

While he ranks among the top five YouTubers in India in terms of YouTube subscribers, his monthly earnings of Rs 1 to 2 crore make him India’s most successful YouTuber. We will be discussing the net worth of Guruji (Gaurav Chandhary), his earnings, cars, and income in this article. Tech Guruji, one of the most popular tech YouTubers worldwide, gets paid millions of rupees for unboxing offers. Gaurav Chaudhary was a native of Ajmer (Rajasthan). After a while, he moved to Dubai with his family. Let’s now tell you about Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chandhary), and how much he has accomplished in his life.


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Tech Guruji’s Net Worth Gaurav Chaudhary

Technical Guruji, an Indian tech YouTuber, does business in Dubai with his brother. A Rolls Royce car valued at around Rs 10 crore was purchased by him recently. As of 2022, the total net worth of Technical Guruji, also known as Gaurav Chaudhary, is $50 million. He earns between 10 and 12 lakh rupees per day, which will shock you. His channel also features paid videos, for which many brands will pay him millions of rupees. Technical Guru Daily is known for unboxing every phone that he sees on his channel.

Technical Guruji, also known as Gaurav Chaudhary, has a total net worth in Indian currency of 323 crores Indian Rupees. You can buy at least 32 Rolls Royce cars with this currency. Technical Guruji makes about 20 crores a year. He continues to provide you with the best YouTube content each day, which is viewed by millions of people every month through Adsense. Technical Guruji makes between 20 and 25 lakhs per month, as his niche is technology.

The Technical Guruji, who has purchased properties in Dubai worth millions of dollars, also works as a technology specialist for Dubai Police. His land purchases in Dubai have totalled around 20 crores. Technical Guruji also enjoys luxury hobbies, including riding in Rolls Royces and gold iPhones, which cost between 30-40 lakh rupees. We will now tell you more about Technical Guruji and his YouTube career.

Technical Guruji Net Worth

Name Technical Guruji
Real Name Gaurav Chaudhary
Profession YouTuber, Businessman
Net Worth (2021). $50,000,000
Net Worth in Indian Rupees 361 Crre Rupees
Salary & Monthly Income 1-2crore
Annual Income & Salary 25 Crore
Factors YouTube, Business
Last Update 2022

Tech Guruji Net Worth Growth over the Last 5 Years

Net Worth in 2022 $ 50,000,000
2021 Net Worth $ 43,000,000
Net Worth 2020 $ 40,000,000
In 2019, net worth $35 Million
2018 Net Worth $ 28,000,000
2017 Net Worth $ 20,000,000

Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary) Income & Earning sources 2021

Technical Guruji

Adsense is the best way for YouTubers to make money. Technical Guruji, however, isn’t just a YouTuber. He also runs a business in Dubai with his brother. Technical Guruji makes more than 2,000,000 monthly through his YouTube channel. Let’s see how he makes his money.

Google Adsense>>

Google Adsense allows you to monetize your YouTube channel and blog with a Google product called Adsense. Google will show ads on your videos, and you could make an income from it. It is only useful if your videos have millions of views. You may already know that Akshay has more than 21 million subscribers to his youtube channel. According to reports, his channel receives 2 to 3 million visits per day. He earns more than 20 Lakhs per month from AdSense, which is his only source of income.

Brands & Promotions >>

Smartphones are the most popular market today. Every day, new smartphones are launched. Many of these YouTubers are paid millions of rupees by Chinese companies to help their smartphones sell. Technical Guruji, who uploads videos for many brands such as Oppo, Vivo and one plus on his YouTube, is the highest-earning person within this industry. He earns between Rs 15 and 20 lakhs per month for promotional videos, even though he doesn’t do so.


Technical Guruji works in Dubai with his older brother. His entire family has lived in Dubai for many decades. Even though his home is in Ajmer Rajasthan, he has lived in Dubai for many years. Tech Guruji is also involved in many police missions and owns a large business in Dubai. His business earns him 1 crore per month, according to reports.

Technical Guruji Home

Technical Guruji bought not just one, but many houses in Dubai. The value of his private home is reported to be around 60 crores Indian rupees. Technical Guruji still owns a large portion of his family’s land in India. This property is worth many crores of rupees. Technical Guruji’s home is located in 600-yards. There is also a lake that he has created himself. His house has enough space to accommodate more than 10 luxury vehicles. He is located approximately 20 kilometers from Burj Khalifa.

Luxury Lifestyle

Technical Guruji lives in Dubai in an extremely luxurious way. He continues to travel every day. He travels in a plane with a 14 lakhs ticket to prove his wealth. His channel has over 4 million views and he has published videos about this air travel. Technical Guruji has several luxury cars, and will own the most expensive cars in 2021. We’ll tell you all about it.


Technical Guruji Cars Collections

1. Rolls Royce Phantom>>

Rolls Royce cars are available for purchase in the showroom. The car is entirely hand-made. Is the company the first to see that you are worthy of this car? If they love everything, they will prepare the car for your needs. This 4 seater car is one of the most expensive in the world. The average price is Rs 10 crore. Technical Guruji purchased this car in August 2021.

2. Mercedes G Wagon>

This car is one the most capable offroad vehicles in the world. It can travel at 270 km per hour. This car is popular in Dubai. It can be driven on the roads and offroad. It costs between 2 and 3 crores Indian rupees.

3. Range Rover Autobiography>

The Range Rover Autobiography is the choice of celebrities. This is due to its luxurious features and look. The car can travel at a speed up to 260 km/h. The car’s cost starts at 2 crores, and goes up to 6 crores. This car was purchased by Technical Guruji two years ago. Its attractive looks are sure to attract anyone.

4. BMW 750 Li>>

This BMW is the most expensive car. This is a luxury full-size car that can travel at speeds of up to 280 km/h. The base model starts at 2 crores, while the highest priced model goes up to 3 million. This car has many security features.

5. Audi A6>>

The Audi a6 luxury sports car starts at Rs. 70 lakhs. It is a 4-seater sedan car. It can travel at a speed of 280 km/h. This car was purchased by Gaurav Chaudhary 4 years ago. Technical Guruji loves this car.

6. Porsche Panamera (Gold/Bronze)>>

This car is a true sports car and its price starts at Rs 4.35 crores. The car can travel up to 300 kilometers per hour. This car is designed for highway use only. This car can travel up to 100km per hour in just 3 seconds. Technical Guruji purchased it in 2019.

7. Porsche Panamera (Red)>>

It is the same car. Its only color is red.

8. Mercedes Benz ML 550>>

It can seat 5 people in this luxury SUV car. The car can travel up to 240km. This car is designed for family use and costs Rs 1 crore. It takes just 6 seconds to get from 0 to 100.

9. Lamborghini Avantador>>

Lamborghini cars are considered one of the most desirable sports cars in the world. It can travel at a top speed of 350 km/h. The price of the vehicle starts at Rs. The top model costs 6 crores, while the base model costs 5 crores. It takes just 3.2 seconds to go from 0 to 100. This car was also purchased by Technical Guruji in the last week August 2021.

10. McLaren GT>>

Gaurav Choudhary gifted himself a McLaren car for his birthday. It is worth more that 5 crores. It can reach speeds of more than 300 km/h.

Technical Guruji – Career

The Early Life>>

Technical Guruji was born at Ajmer Rajasthan. After completing his primary education at the government school, he moved to Dubai in 2012 to continue his studies. He earned a degree in microelectronics and began working for the Dubai Police Security System. Technical Guruji then started his YouTube channel, Technical Guruji. He started his second channel in 2014, 2 years after this. It features his blogs and lifestyle.

Current Live>>

Technical Guruji will be living in Dubai in 2021. He works alongside his older brother in the security and business system of Dubai Police. He is also a YouTuber with 20 million subscribers. This YouTube channel is the largest Hindi tech channel in the world. Tech Guruji’s net worth grows at 30% per year.

Technical Guruji

Tech Guruji’s Favorite Things

Favorite Actor Salman Khan
Favorite Actress Madhuri
Favorite Singer (Male) Guru Randhawa
Favorite Singer (female) You don’t know
Favorite App Instagram
Favorite game GTA 5 PUBG
Favorite Food Indian Food
Favorite song Don’t know
Favorite sportsman Virat Kohli
Favorite Movie Avengers Endgame
Favorite cricketer Virat Kohli
Favorite footballer
Favorite Cartoon You don’t know
Favorite TV Show You don’t know
Hobbies Traveling

Technical Guruji Relationship and More

Affairs N/A
Girlfriend N/A
Wife Unmarried
Best friend Mumbiker Nikhil
Father You do not know your name
Mother You do not know your name
Brothers Pradeep Chaudhary
Sisters N/A

Technical Guruji Social Media Followers & Accounts

Instagram 2,000,000 Followers Click Here
Facebook 1.5 million Followers Click Here
Twitter 3,000,000 Followers Click Here
TikTok N/A Click Here
Whatsapp N/A Click Here
Youtube Technical Guruji – 22 Million Subscribers
Gaurav Chaudhary 4,000,000 Subscribers
Click Here
Click Here

Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary) wealth dependency

Tech Guruji offers many ways to make money. He is also a YouTuber, and works for Dubai Police Security. He also runs a business with his older brother. He also owns a lot of Indian property. This means that Technical Guruji India’s net worth will increase rapidly in the future. We can conclude that Technical Guruji India needs to continue raising its profile and increasing its income and net worth. We will notify you when Technical Guruji releases new updates.

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