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Steven Rodriguez Married Linda Cardellini: The Facts


Steven Rodriguez has a long and storied past as the fiancé of Linda Cardellini, a well-known actress and famous for roles in films like Mad Men, Scooby-Doo and Freaks and Geeks. He is also a Sephora make-up artist. Steven also did Linda’s makeup for Mad Men’s short movie. He is also her stylist for all her photoshoots.

Steven Rodriguez and Linda Rodriguez were friends from their school days. Linda met him for the first time when he was 11 years old. Linda first saw him at school when he was 11. His bike skills were amazing and they fell in love.


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They reconnected later as Adults at Lorac Store where Rodriguez was a make-up artist. Linda stated that Steven did her makeup. Since middle school, he’s been a good friend of mine. After many years of friendship, a friend shared with me that he had recently moved from California to become an artist in makeup. I was able to meet him face-to-face and asked him, “Do you do your makeup?” It will be a great experience for us both! We first met five years ago. He takes me to editorial events and red carpets. Sometimes, I’ll do it myself and sometimes he’ll ask me if I want to fix it. My daughter believes all daddies are mommies because she sees him doing my makeup. [Laughs]In an ideal world!

Steven Rodriguez

Linda and Steven Rodriguez started dating back in 2011. They were expecting their first child together. Lilah rose Rodriguez was also born in 2012 Their family and friends were present when they got married in June 2013. Steven is currently caring for his daughter Cardellini, despite being very busy with his acting career.

Steven Rodriguez was conceived August 4, 1972 in Redwood City, California. He is now 47. He is a well-respected makeup artist at Sephora. Steven also did Linda’s makeup for Mad Men’s short film. He is also her stylist for all her photoshoots. He also uploaded an Instagram photo that showed that he did Linda’s makeup during the “Daddy’s Home” press conference.

His education was not disclosed. He graduated from Saint Francis High School, but there are no details about his college. We will keep you updated on any developments as quickly as possible.

Steven Rodriguez

What age is he? He was conceived in Redwood City in California on August 4, 1972. He is 47 years old now, as of 2020. His family is Rafael Rodriguez (Father) and Danielle Richards (mother). His father is from Manila, Philippines and his mother is Redwood City (CA). Steven’s mother, Rafael Rodriguez, died in 2009 and he was buried in 2017. We don’t know much about his siblings. We will keep you updated, however.

In June 2013, Steven Rodriguez got engaged to Linda Cardellini. Linda is an actress and is famous for roles such as Mad Men, Scooby-Doo and Freaks and Geeks. Their daughter Lilah Rose Rodriguez was born February 2012. Steven takes care of their daughter at the moment, while Cardellini is busy with her acting career.

The estimated net worth of his estate is currently being reviewed. We will keep you informed very soon.

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