Shya L’amour

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Shya L’amour, the Musical Artist, Rapper and Offset’s baby mama, is Shya L’amour. After defending Quavo online,Shya L’amour was a media darling. Quavo and Saweetie, his ex-girlfriend, were involved in an elevator incident that has been shared by many people on the internet. Quova, the Rapper, and Saweetie, his ex-girlfriend, were involved in an altercation. Quova tried to grab Sawetie into the elevator and pusher her down. She fell on the ground and Quova did not try to rescue her. In the clip, you can see her struggling to stand and limping out the elevator. The incident occurred at Sawetie’s North Hollywood apartment complex. Both men claim that it took place in 2020.

Quavo replied to a comment on his Instagram about the incident, and he said that Quavo was “Physically assaulting” the woman. He also stated that it wasn’t an altercation. This is a man assaulting his wife physically. It is what it is. Domestic Abuse. SMH,”. Shya L’amour responded immediately to this comment by saying “But this video isn’t all” and telling users that there may be more to it than what we can see.


Who is Shya L’amour?

Shya L’amour
Nov 18 1988
32 years old
Take off
5 Feet 4 inches tall
Net Worth
$900K USD

Shya L’amour

Shya L’amour is both the Rapper and Song Writer. Her Instagram account has 194k followers and her Youtube channel, which was launched on June 13, 2010, has 10.2k subscribers. She knew music would be a major part of her career from the age of 12. So she started downloading music from popular file-sharing sites and began creating remixes. In 2011, she began her career. Her first single, “Lil’ Mama Badd”, was released. She also released “Stand Your Ground” (2015) and “On Go” (2016). Some of her songs include “Like me”, “One of One”, “Shopping dates”, “Big Boss”, and “Stand Your Ground” in 2015. She also has “On Go” in 2017.

Shya L’amour also admits that she comes from an honest perspective in her music. My music is also growing as I grow as a person. My music has been posted on social media and I have had bookings all over Florida, New Orleans, Phoenix. London. Turks & Caicos. It’s only going to get better.

What is the age of Shya L’amour?

Shya L’amour

Shya L’amour is how old? She was 32 years old when she was born in Tampa, Florida on November 18, 1988. Nicole Marie Algarin is her birth name. We don’t know much about her parents. We will update you as soon as possible.

Learn More About Shya L’amour Boyfriend

Shya L’amour was a lover to Kiari Kendrell (Offset), an American rapper. She was 25 when they began dating. They separated in July 2014. They were divorced, but she gave birth in 2015 to Kalea Cephus. Offset refused to believe Kalea wasn’t his baby. However, the DNA test she paid proved Kalea to be his daughter.

Although offset is married with Cardi B but he was in a relationship withShya L’amour. She had limited financial support from the offset and she had to seek out help from the court to pay child support.

Shya L’amour Net Worth

Shya L’amour’s Net Worth is $900K USD

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