Peter Andre shares his fears about his daughter “growing up too quickly”


Peter Andre shared his fear that Princess is growing up too quickly, admitting that he doesn’t want them to go too fast.

As he chatted with his daughter Emily, son Junior and wife Emily at Thursday’s Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball, the 49-year-old explained that he is letting go of the reins as she gets older. His comments were made just two days after Princess was subject to social media backlash when she posted an Instagram snap with a lot of makeup. Peter shared his thoughts with The Sun: “It’s difficult because you’re so strict a parent, but as time passes, you start to let the reins go a bit. It’s not a good idea to allow them to go too fast. He explained that it was unlikely that the blonde teenager would appear on a reality TV show like Love Island, but he might not have as much control as he does now.


“I don’t even know what Love Island means.” He joked that those two words didn’t belong together in his house. Then she said, “Listen, I can now say what I want because she’s only 15 years old.” She might not get a say when she reaches 18 years old. Peter’s comments follow Princess posting a photo on Instagram Tuesday of her before she left for a wedding. She was dressed up in a glamorous look.

Many commented on Princess’s decision to use a more extensive makeup palette than usual and told her they didn’t need it. The teen was met with backlash and took to the comments to explain. She wrote: “All these comments about makeup, it was a wedding. However, I appreciate people being kind’. Katie Price, Princess’s mother, was previously criticized for sharing heavily filtered and glammed photos of her daughter. However, Princess has had to defend her decision multiple times, despite admitting that it was always her choice to wear makeup.

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