Who is MrsLaTruth aka Brianna Hampton? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband


MrsLaTruth, aka Brianna Hampshire, is an entrepreneur and social media Influencer. She is also well-known as the wife to King Latruth, who is a Singer, Actor, and Rapper. Another controversy has recently engulfed DaBaby, aka Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, a Rap star. MrsLaTruth shared a screenshot that shows a conversation between Kirk and another woman. The rapper asks the other person to set Hampton up. Hampton posted on Instagram, “The ultimate disrespect for my wife,” and added, “It’s to have someone step in your dm who 1) Not just knows your husband, 2) was doing business together with my husband. 3) I’t nobody’s BHIHHH and 4) Disrespect my husband and my marriage!”

Hampton wrote that “some ppl would suggest you ignore it but NAH! This is the ultimate disrespect that my profile clearly states MRSLATRUTH, and my husband was LATRUTH as the person your team have spoken to many times. He sent a woman to do the dirty work for my husband, hoping it would not get back to him. I thought I would keep it quiet because of who I am.” he added. You remember those females who would leap out of moving cars to get to FK with your husband? My husband is the only man I can trust. He wasn’t the first, and I’m certain he’s not the last. There have been NBA and NFL players in my Dm. My husband didn’t know them and was not disrespectful. But it’s the principle that he KNOWS my husband. On my profile, you can see me posting and tagging him even in the screenshot of my profile. Kirk reportedly replied to the viral post, “Whichever graphic designer n***as took me name and that bluecheck and created that fake ass momf***ing DM making that look like I’m trying to slide in some wife DM,” DaBaby stated in an original video posted on his Instagram Story. You’re wrong and I don’t talk like that. You might be able to improve your lingo next time, and it may make for some larger blog sites. Make it sound more like me.


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Who is MrsLaTruth, aka Brianna Hampton

MrsLaTruth aka Brianna Hampton
June 30th 1987
34 years old
Place of Birth
Rocky Mount, North Carolina USA
Net Worth
$1 Million USD
King Latruth, aka Robert Hampton


MrsLaTruth, aka Brianna Hampton, is an entrepreneur and social media influencer. She is also well-known as the wife to King Latruth. She has 532k Instagram followers, 273 posts, and 630,000 TikTok users at the time this article was written. According to her website bio, she runs Mrslatruth Boutique. “We are proud to offer the best quality and most unique merchandise available today.” We hope that you enjoy the clothes as much as we love making them. Mrs. Latruth Boutique was established to unite women of all sizes and colors. You can shop in the morning and then return to take dance classes at night. We are proud to serve sizes Small-4X.” She currently runs two successful businesses. Her first book, The Self Love Journal, was also published.

Is MrsLaTruth, aka Brianna Hampton, really that old?

Mrs. LaTruth was 34 years old when she was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on June 30, 1987. We don’t know much about her siblings and parents. We will keep you informed.

Who is Mrs. LaTruth’s Husband


Mrs. LaTruth was married in marriage to King Latruth, real name Robert Hampton. He is an actor, singer, and rapper. They have four children. She shared a photo of her husband on June 16th and wrote, “Happy Birthday Babe, I’m so glad I was able make your day as special to me as it is to you.”

What is MrsLaTruth, aka Brianna Hampton’s Net Worth?

MrsLaTruth’s estimated net worth is approximately $1 million USD


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