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Kristin TAYLOR is well-known as the girlfriend of Chris D’Elia, a comedian from America. Chris D Elia was charged with asking teens for explicit photos in June 2020. Chris D Elia denied that he had ever knowingly pursued underage girls at any time when the accusations were first made. Chris D Elia later acknowledged the problem and said to his followers and fans that he was doing the “work” to improve. Recent developments in 2021 reveal that Chris D Elia was sued after he allegedly asked a 17-year old girl for nude photos. According to reports, the two began talking when she was 17, over social media. The victim claimed that Chris D Elia had demanded nudes from her. Chris D Elia knew the girl was 17 years old and received more than 100 explicit videos and images from her. Chris D Elia invited the 17-year-old to his comedy show and then invited her to his bedroom. They had sex, where she admitted that she was still in highschool. Chris D Elia would then “emotionally manipulate the girl.”

Chris D Elia, a 40-year-old comedian, responded to the allegations in his video titled “It’s been a while.” Chris D Elia acknowledged that his behavior was wrong. D’Elia stated that all of his relationships were “consensual” and “legal.” Chris D Elia added, “I know it looks terrible.” Chris D Elia said, “What I have learned is that this was always about sexual pleasure to me.” It was the focus of my entire life. It was my main focus. It was my constant focus. And I had a problem. “… I need work on that.” Chris D Elia admitted to being unfaithful to many women, including Kristin Taylor, his fiancee. Chris D Elia stated, “And this girl is my dream girl. This is the girl that I want for the rest my life. And even that wouldn’t stop what was going on.

Kristin Taylor Boyfriend:

Kristin Taylor

Chris D Elia and Kristin Taylor have been secretly dating for quite some time. It is not known when they met or when Taylor fell pregnant with Chris. Chris D Elia broke the news in February 2020 on one of his comedy shows. “I have to tell you something, dude. He said, “I’m having a… we’re having a baby.” “That’s right. This is not something I share a lot. I don’t share much of my personal life. Your boy is having a baby. Is it making you nervous to discuss it? Because that’s real life. It’s not me making fart noises and bullshitting.” Thus, Kristin Taylor is Chris D Elia’s mother. Before having a girl, he was married to Emily Montague, an actor. They were married in 2006, and they divorced in 2010. Chris D Elias and Emily Montague were not married. However, Emily was married to Damon Dayoub in 2010 and has a daughter called Ava.



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Kristin Taylor: Who are you?

Kristin Taylor
Net Worth
From $500k to $600K US
January 9, 1992
29 years old
5 feet 6 inches tall
Chris D’Elia

Kristin Taylor is an artist, stop motion animator, and entrepreneur. Kristin joined the media company after she finished her degree. While working for the media company, she was able to learn various animation software, including 2D animation. After gaining experience in the field, Kristin Taylor started her own company called “Hi Big Dog Media” because she is a dog lover. Kristin Taylor has worked with various animation software such as Final Cut Pro, Drago frame and Premiere. Kristin Taylor is even able to create Stop-Motion animation.

Kristin Taylor is how old?

Kristin Taylor

Kristin Taylor, 29 years old, was born on January 9, 1992. Kristin Taylor was born on January 9th 1992 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Kristin Taylor is the daughter of Kevin Taylor, a software engineer. Kristin Taylor is the mother of ‘Kelley McHenry’. Kristin has a brother, Kyle Taylor. According to reports, Kristin Taylor has not revealed her education details. However, she did attend a local school in the US. Kristin Taylor was a software engineer at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Kyle Taylor was her brother.

How much is Kristin Taylor’s net worth?

Kristin Taylor’s estimated net worth is $500k-$600K USD.

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