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Kevin Samuels Net Worth 2021: Wife, Age, Kids, Wiki, And More.


Kevin Samuels Net Worth: Kevin Samuels, a dating expert and lifestyle coach from the United States, is Kevin Samuels. His best-known trait is his ability to provide insightful advice about fashion, lifestyle, relationship, and other topics. Kevin also has his YouTube channel where he posts videos about life, clothing, and his dating struggles. Kevin Samuels’ net worth was estimated to be $3 million by 2021.


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Full Name Kevin Samuels
Age 52 year old
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Birth Date March 13, 1969
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia, U. S.
Profession Lifestyle and Dating Pro
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth $3,000,000

Kevin Samuels Childhood

Kevin Samuels was born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 13, 1969. He has always been fascinated by fashion and lifestyle since childhood. Millwood High School gave Kevin his high school diploma. He enrolled at the University of Oklahoma in 1991 to study Chemical Engineering. He graduated in 1987.


Kevin Samuel Net Worth & Life Career

Samuels started his career at Office Depot as a business development manager. There he worked for three years, six months. In July 2009, he joined Supermedia/Idearc Media. He was an inside advertising internet sales agent for three months and two years before he left in September 2011.

Kevin was then a publicity consultant at YP, The Real Yellow Pages. This is a marketing and advertising firm. Kevin Samuels founded his own image consulting firm in January 2013. The company is based in Atlanta and provides services to clients such as brand integration, media coaching and wardrobe styling.

Kevin has extensive experience in advertising and sales. He has always valued appearance. He did extensive research to discover resources that could help people look better. Kevin Samuels’ own business was founded in order to make things simple, easy, and straight forward.

Kevin Samuels Success and Net Worth on YouTube

Kevin has a YouTube channel with the same name where he shares fashion trends and lifestyle tips. He also offers advice on dating and friendship. Kevin started his YouTube channel in May 2015 and has now reached 800,000.

His YouTube videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. His latest videos include “A World Without Men?”, “Are Modern Women Doomed?”, “Do Modern Women Want More than They “Deserve?” and “Is This The Future?”

Kevin Samuels Controversy

Kevin Samuels explains to a woman to accept cheating because she’s “Built like Emmitt Smith”

Kevin Samuels, self-described image consultant, called out a woman who challenged the subject during his latest YouTube show “High Value Men Chat.” He claimed that she was not allowed to do so because she is built like an NFL running back.

Meochia Simmons was just one of many Black women who consulted him via Zoom. Samuels advised her to “buy, die alone, get a puppy” if she didn’t want to marry a “high-value” cheating man. Because cheating is “our nature,”

Samuels began to question Simmons’ measurements and dress size after she suggested that “high-value” women should be able to date. She revealed that she’s 5 feet 8 inches tall, and wears a 16-inch size.

Kevin Samuels

“You’re heavier than a man of your height.”

He said, “OK, you just broken the first rule right here.” I don’t know what you mean by a man cheating, or what to do with a woman who is fit. Your height makes you heavier than a man of your height. Is this true?

Simmons admitted that she had been with a few “chubby guys.” Samuels then cut Simmons off and made her disclose her 220 pound weight. He continued to spew neanderthal dating theories and told Simmons that at 5’8″ and 220 lbs, “you are about the height Emmitt Smith or Barry Sanders.”

Kevin Samuels Personal life

Kevin Samuels’ real relationship status is unknown. It is impossible to believe that the dating expert hasn’t had a relationship with anyone. In August 2020, he revealed his secret love life. He shared an Instagram story with @sixthegoddis, a 29-year old model. Are they dating or good friends? This is yet to be proved.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

Kevin Samuels net worth is estimated to reach $3 million by 2021. According to reports, he earns $5,000 per month through his YouTube channel. He has more than 800,000 subscribers and 112 million views.

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