Kevin Hart offers $500 to a homeless jokester before he enters the strip club


After performing at the Barclays Center, Kevin Hart felt generous after he performed a show with Chris Rock on his “Only Headliners Allowed” comedy tour.

Julio was the “famous homeless man” in his neighborhood, and the funny man gave him $500 to make it a night.

Julio is not your typical panhandler. According to reports, he performs stand-up comedy in the open air. According to a source, he was laughing while Kevin was walking and enjoying the show so much that he gave him cash.

Hart was accompanied by his wife Eniko when he arrived. We were told he was “in a great mood” and took pictures and then shook hands with everyone.


Hart’s comedy partner, bestie Rock (who has been hanging out at Lake Bell), did not make it to the club.

Hart still had many other celebrities by his side. He partied inside with Fabolous, Maino, and Young MC, who performed his 1989 hit, “Bust A Move.” According to spies, Hart “was busting a deal” at the club.

His generosity did not stop at Julio. Hart, according to insiders, brought his Gran Coramino Tequila and gave away bottles to guests at other tables. According to an insider, Hart also spent over $10,000 tipping dancers and throwing singles in the crowd.

Hart shut down the place. We are told that Hart and his crew didn’t leave the strip until after 4 AM.

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