Jentzen Ramirez

Jentzen Ramirez Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth & Girlfriend


Jentzen Ramirez, an American actor and social media celebrity, is Jentzen Ramirez. He is most well-known for his roles as Luke in “Star Wars: Generations” and “The Lurking Man”. Jentzen Ramirez’s networth is approximately $500,000.

Full Name Jentzen Ramirez
Birthday August 8, 2006
Born Place Austin Texas, United States
Age 14 year old
Birth sign Leo
Net Worth $500,000

Some facts about Jentzen Ramirez

  • His entire family moved to Austin Texas in order for his sister to pursue acting.
  • He enjoys photography when he has the chance.
  • Chris Evans is his acting idol.
  • Jentzen holds a black belt from martial arts.
  • Lamborghini is his dream car.
  • Most of his YouTube videos are inspired by Piper Rockelle, his best friend.
  • He is close to Sophie Fergie, Piper Rockelle and Emily Dobson.

Early Life

Jentzen Ramirez

Jentzen Ramirez, a Texas native, was born in Austin on August 8, 2006. We don’t know much about his family, including the name and details of his personal life. We do know that he has an actress sister, Liana Ramirez.


Ramirez became inspired by his sister and began to take an interest in acting. His acting career began in 2014 when he was cast in “Una Vida”: A Fable about Music and the Mind. He was then cast in “Star Wars: Generations” two years later.

He was cast in 2017’s horror film “The Lurking Man”. At the 2017 Actors Award Function, he was awarded the Best Child Actor Award.

Ramirez is a well-known YouTuber, in addition to his acting. His channel was launched on July 29, 2019. His videos mostly feature comedy, challenges and pranks. His channel has over 1.27 million subscribers. With over 890K Instagram followers, he is also very popular.

Who is Jentzen Ramirez’s Girlfriend?

Jentzen Ramirez

Ramirez seems to be single at the moment and is now focusing on his acting and YouTube. He was in a once-loving relationship with Sophie Fergi, another YouTuber.

Ramirez and Sophie Fergi split in September 2020. We don’t know what caused them to split.

Jentzen Ramirez Height, Weight, and Measurements

YouTube’s 14-year-old YouTube star is 5 feet 4 inches tall, 162 cm high and weighs 55 kg (121 pounds). His stats, such as his chest, waist, and arms sizes, are respectively 30 inches, 32 inches and 12.5 inches. He also has dark brown hair, and light brown eyes.

Jentzen Ramirez Net Worth

Jentzen Ramirez’s networth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $600,000. The majority of his income came from acting and social media platforms. He is a YouTuber and earns significant money through endorsements or sponsorship deals.

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