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Iran Angelo, a well-known ex-wife to Hulk, aka Givanildo VIeira de Sousa, a Brazilian professional footballer. Her ex-husband married Camila Angelo, a model and niece. Angelo and Hulk recently posted a picture of their ultrasound baby on Instagram on September 19th with the caption “God is Good!” “I love you, my love. Now I’m carrying your seed of our love #hulkparaiba#camilaangelo.” The couple announced that they were expecting a girl on Saturday. Iran Angelo shared the news about their pregnancy and posted a cryptic quote to her Instagram: “Lies, disloyalties, and other ill-willed actions are like knives. They cut our flesh, make it bleed, dry out, and cause us to die inside.” For the one who is God, dying does not mean being reborn. Because Jesus made me strong, I am reborn at every failure, at every lie revealed, and at every disappointment. We thank you, Lord, again for your deliverance.


Iran Angelo: Who are you?


Iran Angelo


The mid 30’s

Place of Birth


Net Worth

$15 Million USD


5 feet 6 Inches tall


Hulk aka Givanildo Vieira de Sousa

Iran Angelo, aka Givanildo VIeira de Sousa, is well-known as Iran Angelo’s ex-wife. She is a professional Brazilian footballer. Her career is unknown. At the time this article was written, her Instagram account had 510K followers and 781 posts. Her ex-husband had married her niece and she took to social media to vent her pain. She was my fourth daughter and she was exactly like me. I gave her everything since she was young and all I did was to trust her. It is like a mother who has to go and bury her child.

Camila posted a long post about Iran Angelo. “Aunt Iran. I first want you to know that this message does not explain or justify anything.” Camila added, “I had to tell you some things that unfortunately circumstances don’t allow me to share personally. It may seem irrelevant to you right now, but I care deeply about you and love you. So I am speaking here. You will learn things that may be discussed differently by everyone, speculation at best. But I won’t judge anyone because outsiders don’t know anything and often want it to get worse. Although it’s been difficult to confront all of this, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It was something I didn’t expect to happen. But, we don’t control our hearts. No one is exempt or immune. Be the best version of yourself. I am sorry for everything. We wouldn’t be going through all this if I could, but it’s not the way we think. I was shown by him that there was no way to return so we decided to live.

Iran Angelo

Is Iran Angelo still alive?

Iran Angelo, a Brazilian woman in her mid-thirties, is not too familiar with her siblings and parents. We will keep you informed.

Who is Iran Angelo Ex – Husband?

Iran Angelo married Hulk, aka Givanildo de Sousa. They were married for 12 year until they announced their separation in July 2019. They have three children. He later married Camila Angelo, her niece. They are expecting a child together.

What is Iran Angelo’s Net Worth?

Iran Angelo’s estimated net worth is $15 million USD.

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