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Hsinyi Fanone’s ex-wife, Hsin-Yi Wang, aka Victoria Wang, is the Washington DC Police Officer. Wang was interviewed by Michael Fanone on April 27, 2021, at CNN Tonight. He shared his story and how he managed the traumatic brain injury. His ex-wife, who was interviewed by Fanone, took to social media on the 27th of April 2021 and wrote: “This is Michael Fanone. My ex-husband and the father of the girls. He may not be my favorite person, but he is. He was a father and fighter, a fighter, an MPD officer, a son and a hero this week. This story is not being reported by the news. Michael was called to the frontlines to assist his peers in the Capital crisis. His badge was taken off and he was pepper-sprayed, beaten, tazed and dragged into the mob. He was being urged to surrender by protestors who yelled, “Kill him using his own gun!” This picture was taken by whoever took it. Michael, thank you for standing firm and doing the right thing.

Fanone, who was speaking with Don Lemon on the program, became emotional and stated that he had experienced the most brutal and vicious hand-to-hand fighting of his life. He also blamed Trump for the attack. The DC Police Officer was not only attacked with stun guns several times, but also beat with a flagpole. Michael claims that he heard people shouting “Kill him using his own gun!” Fanone stated, “It’s been very hard seeing elected officials or other individuals kinda whitewash the events that day or downplay how they happened.” Trump was not mentioned by Fanone. He did mention Trump’s former supporters, however. He said that the rioters were “kissing” and “hugging” police officers. He stated that they were spraying chemical irritants. They had pipes, different metal objects, batons and other tools, which they may have taken from law enforcement officers. They were striking us with these.” Five people were killed during riots, and many tried to use violence to stop the US election against Trump. Fanone also stated that “this is very different from what you and your coworkers experienced on the 6th.” He added, “I experienced a group who were trying to kill my goal to achieve their goal.”

Thomas Sibick, the accused in Fanone’s attack on him, has been charged. According to police, Fanone was attacked by the camera while he was on the ground in front of the Capitol. Many Fanone supporters took to Twitter after the interview on the CCN Tonight show. One fan wrote, “Best part of interview was Officer Fanone saying that Don and him don’t always agree but they avoid killing each other.” Terrorists who believe that killing everyone who disagrees with them is the only way to win. Officer Fanone is much more open-minded that many,” Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent, said, “Damn. This is a great video. Members of Congress who let this happen (and now pretend it never happened) should be ashamed. Another one said, “Thanks Officer Fanone for sharing your story on @CNNTonight with @donlemon. We need to keep the conversation about #January 6th relevant. You’re an authentic and humble true hero. Your message and attitude on different perspectives are beyond inspiring #Hero #Heartfelt#Heartbreaking


Who is Hsin Yi Wang?

Hsin-Yi Wang, aka Victoria Wang, aka Hsinyi Fanone, is Michael Fanone’s ex-wife. She is a Washington DC Police Officer of 40 years. She was an executive assistant and events planner. We don’t know much about her career path at the moment.

What is the age of Hsin-Yi Wang

Hsin-Yi Wang

What is Hsin Yi Wang’s age? She was born in 1979 in Potomac Maryland. Her age as of 2021 is 41. Changchang Liu (Mother), a retired US Postal Service employee, was her mother. Her father’s details are not available. Jen Feranil, her sister and married mother of 2 children, is her biological father. She is related to Ping P Wan and Andy Chyan Wang as well as Lien T Nguyen and Chang C Wang.

Who is Hsin Yi Wang’s Ex-Husband

Hsin-Yi Wang

Hsin-Yi Wang married Michael Fanone June 5, 2010, at St Mary, Mother of God Church, Northwest Washington. Fanone is the Washington DC police officer. The couple met in bars and clubs, and their mutual friend didn’t let them know until May 2009. Wang initially thought Michael would make a great roommate. They became friends and began to have lunch together. They have 2 daughters. Piper Fanone was conceived in 2011 and Seraphina Ming Fanone was christened on August 16, 2013. The couple split up. Piper Fanone had chronic ear infections and underwent surgery at Columbia Fairfax Surgical Center in 2013. She posted a photo of her husband on Facebook, captioned “Happy Birthday, my handsome” In an interview, Michael Fanone stated that he was the father of four girls. We don’t know much about his current girlfriend or the other two daughters. However, we will keep our readers informed.

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