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Hila klein is an American-Israeli YouTuber. She is best known for her husband and wife duo on their YouTube channel, h3h3Productions. In a podcast, Hila Klein revealed that they were only expecting one baby, even though they were excited to welcome three children into their home. Ethan, her husband and Klein announced that they were expecting one baby. It was featured in an episode of “We’re Pregnant!”. The couple began to feel they might have twins after the announcement, considering Klein’s eating habits.

Hila stated that they didn’t know what had happened as they updated viewers about their pregnancy. One baby. This baby was too powerful. The doctor kicked out the two other babies,” she continued. “The last time we visited, the doctor was literally like “You’re having 2 or 3 babies.” She then added, “She was like, “Well, there are two of them here. The third one… Okay, maybe not the third, but certainly two.” And when we went to check in, she was like, “Checking for four” Hila.”

They have a son together, and were thrilled to welcome more children into their home. The doctor’s initial diagnosis was not what they expected. Hila stated, “And the whole week, we were like, what is it going to look like if there are 3 babies… We were getting pretty prepared for three… I mean I kinda feel relieved that it’s only one, because I already suffer from back pain. Ethan already knew that I felt like my back was hurting for a few days and I was worried about the future. So, I am relieved,”. Ethan agreed, saying “Yeah, I am also.” The first time, I felt almost sad, because I was expecting multiples. In the second, I felt ready to have more children. This was something I was prepared for. But, I was content regardless. This means my life will be less stressful… which is great news. It was shocking.


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Who is Hila Klein, you ask?

Hila Klein
December 12, 1987
Age 33
5 feet 10 inches tall
Nate Hacker
Ethan Klein
Net Worth
$10 Million USD


Hila Klein, an American-Israeli Youtuber, is well-known for being the half of the YouTube comedy channel h3h3Productions. Teddy Fresh is her clothing brand. She is also the COE. She was a soldier in Israel Defense Forces for 2 years before she joined the podcast. Ethan Klein, a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, was visiting Holocaust Yad Vashem Museum Jerusalem in 2007. She met her during military service and they fell in love. She studied at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel. While writing this article, her Instagram account boasted 1.1 million followers and 648 posts.

Hila and Ethan run the h3h3Productions Youtube Channel. The channel has 6.41M subscribers. Their Youtube bio said “Ethan Klein, Hila Klein make comedy videos together”. The channel features sketches, reactions and satirizing of internet culture. They also run a second channel called Ethan and Hila, as well as H3 Podcast. Their most popular video, “VAPE NATION”, has been viewed more than 18 million times.

How old is Hila Klein

Hila Klein was 33 years old when she was born in Holon, Israel on 12/12/87. Her father is from Libyan-Jewish heritage, while her mother is Turkish-Jewish. Moses Hacmon is her brother and he is an artist.

Who is Hila Klein Husband?

Hila Klein

Hila Klein married YouTuber Ethan Klein. They met during Hila’s military service in 2007. She met Ethan Klein in Jerusalem while visiting Holocaust Yad Vashem Museum. The two fell in love. They were in a long-term relationship and married on October 12, 2012. The Kleins immigrated to the United States in 2015. The couple have a son named Theodore Yochana. The duo also announced that they are pregnant.

How much does Hila Klein’s net worth?

Hila Klein’s estimated net worth is approximately $10 million USD.

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