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Gary Drayton Net Worth (2022): Age, Life, And Career As The Oak Island Star.


Gary Drayton Net Worth – Gary Drayton, an English treasure hunter and TV personality, is worth $2.5 million by 2022.

Gary Drayton, a treasure hunter and metal detectorist, is well-known. After appearing on “The Curse of Oak Island”, the History Channel’s most popular treasure hunting program, Drayton rose to fame. Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina are the primary treasure hunter team leaders.


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Full Name Gary Drayton
Date Of Birth May 30, 1961
Born Place Grimsby in Lincolnshire, England
Source for Wealth Treasure hunter & Television Star
Net Worth $2.5 Million
Wife Jennifer Drayton
Age 59 years old

Early Life

Gary was born May 30, 1961 in Grimsby (Lincolnshire), England. His alma mater was Sir John Franklin School. Gary was an adventurous young man at a young age. Gary grew up looking for unusual things, such as marbles and clay pipes, old bottles or doll heads. He found coins while digging which inspired him to start metal detecting.


Gary Drayton is a well-known metal detectorist and treasure hunter. After appearing on “The Curse of Oak Island,” the History Channel’s most popular treasure hunting program, Drayton rose to fame. Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina are the primary treasure hunter team leaders. Gary Drayton was born on June 16, 1961 in Lincolnshire, England. The University of England was where he studied and graduated. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by treasure hunting. When he was growing up in Grimsby, Gary used to go bottle hunting. He was fascinated by old objects that were hidden beneath the ground and in the water, which led him to make his childhood passions a full-time career.

Gary Drayton Personal life

Gary is married to his wife, but little else is known about his personal life. We know that he is married to Anya.

Gary Drayton Net Worth, and Career

Drayton moved to the United States in 1989. In his early years, Drayton would use his metal detector to find valuable objects like watches, gemmed rings, war pieces, and old rusty items.

Gary is best known for his appearance on “The Curse of Oak Land” television series. He also appeared on “Expedition Unknown,” a Travel Channel reality show. Gary says he focuses on areas that are hard for others to reach. To ensure he is in the right place at the right moment, he uses both an optical scanner and a metal detector.

Gary discovered a 300-year-old Emerald Treasure Ring, a Spanish ring of Inca gold set with 9 emeralds and a 22K-gold coin ring with 40 diamonds. A yard of 14K-gold and a Roman perfume bottle from the Roman Occupation.

Gary has also published two other books. His first book, “A guide to searching heavily hunted beaches,” explains how to use a metal detector to search for treasure. He also provides tips on how to find coins and jewels at heavily-hunted beaches. His second book, “How to Find Old Coins & Artifacts,” describes how to locate old coins and artifacts at the beach and on the seashore, and also explains metal detecting techniques.

Gary Drayton

Social Media Presence Contributed to Gary Drayton’s net worth

Gary has a large social media following. Crossbones nation is his YouTube channel. It features vlogs from his daily life at work, as well metal detecting tutorials. His Instagram account features both accounts of his many discoveries and behind-the scenes footage from his professional endeavors. Gary allows his fans to send him requests and talk to him through a Cameo account. Each request is $99 and each chat session is $2.99

Gary Drayton Net Worth

Gary Drayton’s networth is estimated to be approximately $2.5 million as of January 2022. His most lucrative job was as a certified metal detectorist. Our figures show that he has found at least $1,000,000 worth of valuable objects.

Gary still makes a lot of income from his appearances in “The Curse of Oak Land.” However, his personal income has increased significantly through the sale of his books.

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