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Dan Lok is a Chinese Canadian Entrepreneur, Mentor Author, and Business Trainer. He also writes copy, speaks motivationally, and is a marketer from Vancouver, Canada.

Early life

Dan Lok net worth
Dan Lok

Dan Lok, age 41, was born in Hong Kong, China, on November 24, 1981. He graduated from Douglas College. He is a self-made millionaire business Tycoon known for inspirational videos, books, and other content.

The Business Coach is 37 years old and has written 15 books. The name of his debut book is “Creativity Sucks!: How to Generate Million Dollar Ideas in 60 Seconds or Less!” published on 1 May 2006. In addition, his Charm Junction Company is awarded the best online retailer of the year award by Canada Post.

He failed 14 of his 14 first businesses at the beginning of his professional career. He has enjoyed the success of his first advertising agency. Later, he founded many ventures like Quick Turn Marketing, Charm Junction Jewelry, and Emperor Group.

He is one of the most highly paid speakers in the industry. According to his official website, “danlok.com,” he charges $10K US dollars per hour to speak and consult people. You can also call him at $166.67 US dollars per minute.



Dan Lok wife
Dan Lok with Jennie, his wife

Jennie Li is Dan Lok’s wife. They were married in 2015. He claims that Jennie nearly left him after a year of their relationship. They even had a big fight. Dan Lok wanted to start his own business, but Jennie demanded that he work around her schedule. Luckily, they didn’t break up. Jennie asked Dan what he wanted from the relationship, which saved the breakup. Dan didn’t tell Jennie about it, so he took the opportunity to tell Jennie that he needed support and someone to solve his daily problems. He never mentioned that he needed to have a partner.

Dan Lok’s net worth

Dan Lok’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $80 million as of 2022. Dan is one of the world’s foremost experts in marketing, sales, and business. He was a self-made millionaire 27 years; he is now an 8-figure. Lok annually IncomeMore than $5 Million

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