Christine Quinn

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Christine Quinn, TV personality, actor, social media personality, model, influencer, reality star, and Instagram user, is Christine Quinn . Her fans are interested in learning more about her Personal, Career and Relationship Status since she is well-known on social media.


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Christine Quinn: Who are you?


Christine Quinn


14 October 1988


Age 33


Christian Richard

Net Worth

$1 Million USD


Glen Cove, NY

Christine Quinn


Christine Quinn is a TV personality and social media personality. She also models, has been an Instagram Influencer, Reality star, and is a model. She is an elite member of the real estate company and has been featured on Selling Sunset Season 4. At the time of writing this article, her Instagram account had 2.2 million followers and 465 posts. She is an entrepreneur who has ventured into fashion, beauty and perfume. She is best known as an actress for Shark Night 3D (2011) and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015). She is also an Instagram star and has appeared on platforms like Snapchat, Youtube, Youtube, Tiktok, and Twitter. She shared an image on Instagram, captioned “I am astonished by what they put her through” on 28th 2021. She is shown in the new series almost giving birth, dying shortly after having her baby and then returning to work only to be tormented by her co-stars. “Jealousy can be so ugly.”

How old Christine Quinn is?

Christine Quinn was 33 years old when she was born in Glen Cove, NY on 14th October 1988. We don’t know much about Christine Quinn’s parents or siblings. We will keep you informed.

Christine Quinn Husband:

Christine Quinn

Christian Richard is Christian Quinn’s husband. He is a retired entrepreneur who also worked as a software engineer. Christine Quinn is now married to Christian Richard. The couple welcomed their son Christian Georges Dumontet together recently. People heard her tell People that Baby C was “more precious than I could ever have imagined.” Nine months seems like a long time to wait to meet someone,” she added, “It’s the most amazing feeling to know you have created life.” My protective mama bear mentality has never been stronger. My only job is to protect him and to love him and to raise him.” She added that “reliving the trauma of Selling Sunset was one of the most difficult and painful things I have ever done. Christian and I are both blessed to be alive.

How much is Christine Quinn’s net worth?

Christine Quinn’s estimated net worth is approximately $1 million USD.


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