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American media executive Bob Chapek, currently the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Walt Disney Company, is a businessman and media executive. Before becoming the CEO on February 25, 2019, he was a 26-year veteran of the Walt Disney Company. He started in the Home Entertainment Division and rose to become Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products.

Early life

Name Bob Chapek
Net Worth $50 Million
Profession CEO, Businessman
Height 1.81m
Age 61 years

Robert Chapek, age 61, was born on August 21, 1960, in Hammond, Indiana. He is the child of Marie Lofay (a working mother) and Bernard W. Chapek (a father). His father, Bernard, served in World War II. Because both of his parents worked, Chapek described himself as a “latch-key kid” when this was uncommon.

Chapek said that watching both parents work “instilled a work ethic in me, and they worked hard for the nicer things in life. I saw their role-modelling, and it made a permanent impact on my drive and ambition.” His family went on annual trips to Walt Disney World.

Bob Chapek graduated in 1977 from George Rogers Clark Jr./Sr. In 1977, he graduated from George Rogers Clark Jr./Sr. High School. Later, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology at Indiana University Bloomington and a Master’s of Business Administration at Michigan State University.


Before joining the Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek worked in brand management at the H. J. Heinz Company and advertising for J. Walter Thompson.

Chapek began his professional career with The Walt Disney in 1993. He started as the marketing director for the company’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment division, which was still very much focused on VHS tapes. The then-CEO Michael Eisner described Chapek by saying, “He was always an executive you knew would be on the rise… He knew how to grow the business while adjusting to the changing marketplace, which was intense.” Chapek is credited for bringing Disney’s home entertainment division into the digital age by focusing on releasing properties on DVD and later Blu-ray discs.

In July 2006, he was elevated to the presidency of Buenavista Home Entertainment. This encompassed all home video and DVD titles and the Blu-rays for all the divisions. He was elected president of Walt Disney Studios distribution in 2009.

President Consumer Products

In September 2011, Chapek was elected president of Disney Consumer Products. After the acquisition of Lucasfilm, Chapek integrated Star Wars merchandise into Disney’s licensing program, ensuring that Disney became the world’s largest licensor of intellectual property.

Chapek negotiated a deal in 2013 with Hasbro. The toy company paid Disney $80million in royalties to extend its license for Marvel toys, and Hasbro agreed to pay Disney up to $225 million for rights to Star Wars merchandise.

Chapek released the Disney Imagicademy suite of apps for smartphones and tablets in 2014 to help children learn. This was Disney’s first full foray into the learning-app market. Chapek stated that he initiated this initiative after many parents complained to his department about the difficulty of finding high-quality learning apps amongst the thousands available online.

Parks and Resorts

Chapek was appointed chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts on February 23, 2015. He replaced Thomas O. Staggs, who had been promoted earlier in the month to Chief operating officer at Disney Company. Chapek worked immediately towards the completion of Shanghai Disneyland’s launch in 2016. It hosted over 11,000,000 guests in its first year of operation. He also oversaw the completion and launch of Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2017.

Chapek also directly managed the construction and opening of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Disney said of Galaxy’s Edge, “It’s the most immersive land we have ever built,” citing the themed restaurants, shops, and roaming interactive characters. Disney reportedly spent $1 billion on the sprawling 14-acre land in Disneyland in Anaheim, prompting CNN to comment that “Disney spared no expense.”

Chapek, Chairman of Parks and Resorts invested $24 billion in theme parks, hotels, and cruise ships. The New York Times noted that Chapek’s spending was more money than Disney spent in acquiring Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm combined. Many media people speculated that Chapek would succeed Bob Iger as Disney’s next chief executive officer in 2017 after resorts and parks saw a 14% increase in operating revenue.

Chapek received sharp criticisms from many Disney fans during his time in parks and resorts. Chapek was responsible for many ambitious and expensive projects mentioned above, but Tom Staggs initiated them. Among other things, projects started under Chapek were not considered ambitious. These included the safe Pixar Pier and Toy Story Lan, ToyPCOT changes.

He was also criticized for the heavy use of the existing intellectual property during his tenure at the parks. There were little to no changes or additions during his tenure that didn’t involve using the current intellectual property. Also, there was a reduction in the scope and scale of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. As Chairman of Parks and Resorts during his tenure, there was also a reduction in maintenance in many parks, much like when Paul Pressler was chairman in the late 1990s and early2000s.

Chapek received the consumer products divisions, including the Disney Stores, back in March 2018 after a reorganization to prepare for Disney+. He also had responsibility for all the parks and resorts. Then, CEO Bob Iger said, “Bob Chapek comes to this new role with an impressive record of success at both parks and resorts and consumer products, and he is the perfect leader to run these combined teams.” This furthered speculation that Chapek would be Iger’s successor.

Chapek announced in August 2019 that he had entered into a retail partnership to open 25 mini Disney Stores within Target department stores throughout the United States. Chapek stated that Disney could expand its footprint beyond traditional shopping malls by partnering with Target to open mini Disney Store shops in select Target department stores across the United States. The Disney mini-shops will be an average of 750 square feet and be located near Target’s kid’s clothing and toy departments. They’ll have more than 450 items, including more than 100 products previously only available at Disney retail locations. On May 18, 2020, Chapek announced Josh D’Amaro as his successor as the chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products.


Chief executive officer-CEO

Bob Chapek was appointed chief executive officer of Walt Disney Company in February 2020 to replace Bob Iger, who will still be the executive chairman until 2021. Many Disney employees were surprised to learn that this was true. They had previously seen Tom Staggs, the heir apparent of Bob Iger.

In April 2020, Chapek was elected to the Walt Disney Company’s board of directors. It was later revealed, the same month, that while Chapek remained CEO, Iger had resumed control of the company’s operational duties for the time being due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In numerous interviews with financial news outlets during the pandemic, Chapek has said he is focusing on opening Disney’s theme parks. Shanghai Disneyland opened its doors in May 2020. According to government regulations, the capacity was limited to 24,000 visitors per day. Chapek acknowledged that this was a “baby step” but found the attendance figures encouraging, considering that the limited number of tickets were sold out. Chapek said he would increase capacity over the next few weeks, though in a conservative fashion.

Bob Chapek said that guests and employees would be required to wear face masks and undergo temperature checks upon Walt Disney World’s July 2020 reopening. He stated that the company would continue collaborating with local governments and healthcare professionals to open the parks responsibly. He added that the first attraction he’ll ride would be Pirates of the Caribbean when the parks reopened.

In October 2020, Chapek agreed to keep Disney World at only 25% capacity until the CDC issued new guidance and stated that with regards to reopening Disneyland in California, “It’s not much of a negotiation. It’s pretty much a mandate that we stay closed.”


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In March 2021, after California eased COVID-19 restrictions, he then stated, “Here in California, we’re encouraged by the positive trends we’re seeing and we’re hopeful they’ll continue to improve and we’ll be able to reopen our Parks to guests with limited capacity by late April.” By July 2021, Walt Disney World had officially ended its mask mandate (except while on Disney transportation) and temperature checks and was operating at a higher capacity. The same month saw the return of fireworks shows at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Chapek spoke in October 2020 about the company’s decision to begin focusing on streaming media, including Disney+, and direct-to-consumer advertising. Mulan and Soul, initially intended for theatrical release, were instead released to Disney+ at a premium cost.

Outgoing CEO Bob Iger cautioned company executives that data shouldn’t be used to influence creative decisions within Walt Disney Company. In November 2021, during the call with investors, the chief executive officer (CEO) of The Walt Disney Chapek spoke about the company’s decision to begin focusing on an entirely new industry for the studio – gambling.


Bob Chapek married Cynthia Chapek in 1980, after a long-lasting relationship. The couple has three children and four grandchildren. Bob and Cynthia live in California.

Bob Chapek’s net worth

What is Bob Chapek’s net worth? Bob Chapek is worth approximately $50 million. His primary source of income comes from his work as an entrepreneur and business executive. Chapek’s success has given him a luxurious lifestyle and some nice cars. He is one of America’s most powerful CEOs.


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