Amber Heard demanded a new trial and claimed that the verdict in Johnny Depp’s case be thrown out.


Amber Heard’s legal team filed a formal motion in court Friday to have the verdict in her blockbuster Johnny Depp case thrown out.

Heard’s team filed a 43-page memorandum, arguing that the final bombshell case ruling was “inconsistent” and “irreconcilable” while requesting that the case be re-tried.

The attorneys stated, “Mr Depp did not present any evidence that Ms. Heard believed she was abused.”

“Therefore, Mr. Depp failed to meet the legal requirements of actual malice and the verdict should not be upheld.”


Elaine Bredehoft, Heard’s lawyer, stated that the Pirates of the Caribbean star rested the case on “solely a defamation-by-implication theory” and rejected “any claims Ms. Heard made were false.”

They also claimed that the juror was born in 1970, contrary to court records listing their birth year as 1945.

The lawyers wrote that this discrepancy raised the question of whether Juror 15, who was summoned for jury duty, was vetted by court officials to be able to serve on the jury.

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