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Alexander Edwards music executive and owner of ‘Universal Music Group. He is also well-known as the boyfriend to Model Amber Rose. She was recently criticized for her Instagram post in which she shamed her boyfriend. He cheated on her at least 12 times with women, she claimed. Rose has “hypocrisy” in her posts, saying that she encouraged women to be “sluts” even though they knew he was in a romantic relationship with a baby.

In the Instagram Stories series on Wednesday, August 18. Rose wrote that she was tired of being cheated on and embarrassed behind closed doors. Although Y’all knew, but they didn’t owe any loyalty to me so it’s what. I cannot be the sole one fighting for my family anymore. I have been so loyal and transparent, but I haven’t gotten the same amount of energy in return.” She continued, “I won’t say the girl’s names because I am not in the business to ruin lives but you all know who you are.” She also said that her mother was a raging narcissist and could take the f**k from my life. In a third blog post, she said that she was tired of being emotionally and mentally abused by the people she loves. She also stated that she couldn’t bear to suffer in silence for so long. It’s the reason I’ve been so quiet. I’ve become a shell of my former self, but I refuse to allow anyone to damage me. Family or not.


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Alexander Edwards: Who are you?

Alexander Edwards
September 21, 1986
34 years old
Net Worth
$2 Million USD
Amber Rose

Alexander Edwards

Alexander Edwards is a music executive and owner of Universal Music Group. He is also the founder and owner of Gloryious, a record label. Edwards is Vice President of the repertoire & Artists division at Def Jam Recordings. He has been with Def Jam since 2018. Public Enemy and Beastie Boys’ Jay-Z, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey (Rihanna), Kanye West, Rick Ross, Kanye, and Frank Ocean are just a few of the artists who have collaborated with the legendary hip label. Edwards answered the question, “Glorious means: having, or bring fame or admiration to, your company.” A striking beauty or splendor that inspires admiration and delight. So I turned the ious on us. Many rappers are now about me. “I’m all about us.”

Alexander Edwards is how old?

Alexander Edwards was 34 years old when he was born in Oakland, California on September 21, 1986. We don’t know much about Alexander Edwards’ parents or siblings. We will keep you informed.

Alexander Edwards’ Girlfriend:

Alexander Edwards

Alexander Edwards has been in a relationship since 2018 with Amber Rose, an American actress, model, and TV presenter. They met in 2015 through mutual friends. The couple was blessed with one child in April 2019. Amber Rose was also blessed with the first child from Wiz Khalifa. Rose recently claimed Edwards had cheated on Rose with at least 12 women.

What is Alexander Edwards’ Net Worth?

Alexander Edwards’ estimated net worth is approximately $2 Million USD

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